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Baron Karl Von Drais and his 200 year old balance bike

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Worlds first balance bike

Bicycles have an interesting history. 199 years ago the first commercially produced bicycle was patented by the Germon Baron Karl Von Drais in the year 1817.

Mr. Drais' design employed two wheels, was made mostly of wood, and even had a rear brake. He named his creation "Laufmaschine" which means running machine in German. His design relied entirely on the rider walking or running while on the bike. It would be another 46 years until a French metalworker added a crank and pedals to the basic design.

The Baron understood something about design as evidenced by the simple clean lines and simplicity of operation. By simply taking an understood skill (walking) and added a single new component of balance he created an entirely experience.

At Jubiliant Bikes, we would like to thank Baron Karl Von Drais as we carry on his legacy of simple transportation nearly 200 years later.

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