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Our Story

We founded Jubilant with a simple goal:
To help children experience the thrill of riding

Here at Jubilant we love children. We love watching them try new things, explore their world, and grow in independence. 

As a family with 4 children we've learned a bit about kids. We've purchased a lot of toys and learned which products are gimmicks (diaper wipe heaters) and which products are true developmental tools that deliver on their promises.

Early in parenting we learned about balance bikes and purchased one for our eldest, then 3. Within a week he began riding around the park keeping up with us without training wheels. We were jubilant.

When our second turned two we purchased a smaller balance bike. Soon she was grinning and riding down the driveway confidently.

Both children transitioned to pedal bikes free from training wheels.

They never looked back. 

As our third child was reaching riding age I wanted to find my son a balance bike that was light weight, could grow with him, and expressed a modern style. After looking at the balance bikes available we didn't find any that that matched our wish list.  We designed our own.

In 2016 we launched Jubilant as the first reversible balance bike available in the US. We are excited about our product and the impact it will have on children.

Why Jubilant?

The word jubilant captures the essence of a child's riding experience; the joy happiness, and triumph from riding.

Thanks for taking a minute to listen to our story. Please reach out to us on social media and tell us your story.

Jubilant Bikes is US owned and based out of beautiful Frederick, MD just outside Washington D.C.

All bikes are in stock and ready to ship next day.

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