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Thank you for your purchase of the Jubilant reversible children's balance bike. Your bike can be assembled in two configurations to grow with your child:  

- Configuration 1: seat height ranges between 11” to 14.5”  

- Configuration 2: seat height ranges between 15.5” to 19.5”

To determine the proper configuration determine your child's inseam. Have your child stand against a wall, bring a book up to firmly contact their crotch, mark the wall and measure the height to the floor. Choose the configuration that best fits their height. As your child grows you can easily switch configurations.  



1) Hold the fork assembly (B) and place the first thin o-ring (G) on followed by the thick cap (H).
2) Insert the fork assembly (B), into the frame assembly (A).
3) Insert the second thick cap (H) onto the fork, followed by the thin o-ring (G).


4) Place the cover (I) on the handlebar (C).  
5) Set the camp (E) over the fork assembly.
6) Insert the handlebar into the frame fork assembly and tighten the bolt with the enclosed wrench. Handlebars should be angled forward. Ensure the bolt is sufficiently tight. Under tightening may result in a safety hazard.
7) Slide the cover (K) down to cover the bolt.



8) Insert the seat clamp (F) over the frame.
9) Insert the seat assembly (D) into the frame allowing for sufficient clearance for the rear tire. Safety Note: The seat bar is marked with the minimum insertion depth. Insert the seat to ensure the minimum mark is not visible.
10) With the seat clamp open, use the enclosed allen wrench tool to tighten the bolt, then close the side clamp for final install.


Your balance bike includes a single sheet of decals with various color options. Install the preferred race plate decal and JUBILANT frame logos as desired.

Below is a link to printable assembly instructions included with your Jubilant bike:

Jubilant Assembly Manual

For any questions please use the contact form, one of our associates will return your inquiry promptly.