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Balance Bike (Black)

$ 20.00 $ 119.99

Designed specifically to grow with your child the Jubilant balance bike has a reversible frame.

Reversible frame design: Our reversible frame design provides the greatest seat height range of any balance bike from just 11" to 19.5".

  • Configuration A: seat height ranges between 11” to 14.5”. This lower configuration allows a very low step-through height allowing young riders to independently get on the bike.
  • Configuration B: seat height ranges between 15.5” to 19.5”

Weight: When learning to balance, a rider should be able to easily maneuver the bike and retain control. Weight is a significant factor for young riders and was paramount in our design philosophy choosing materials materials that are robust yet light. This approach results in a bike weighing in at only 6.1 lbs!

Race Plate - All bikes come standard with a race place because we believe they are awesome. Each bike comes with a decal sheet containing both a green or magenta sticker.

Tires: Our tires are made of a special foam that is durable, lightweight, and provides exceptional grip for young riders. Our "no-fill" tires are always ready and eliminate flat tires. 

Quick adjust seat clamp: Our quick-release clamp will let you adjust the seat height without tools.

Seat: Padded for comfort our seat is designed for young children to ride comfortably for extended time.